Exploring AI for Fisheries in Depth: Challenges and Opportunities

Special Session at SAFET 2023
Wednesday, October 5 2023 9:00am
Nusantara I, Westin Nusa Dua, Bali


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of 2023. However, while many people are interested in applying AI across various industries, many of these implementations are missing the mark due to a widespread lack of understanding of the nuances of the technology.

In this special session we will bring together experts in fishing and AI to dive deeply into the challenges and opportunities of AI for a sustainable and resilient future for the world’s oceans.

Outcomes: Participants will develop a deeper understanding of AI concepts, how to evaluate AI systems, what questions to ask when deciding whether or not to use AI, and be exposed to current work being done at the intersection of AI and fisheries.


What is AI and what can it do for me?

Jimmy Freese
Co-founder and CEO, Ai.Fish

This talk will introduce common concepts and terminology in artificial intelligence and machine learning to support understanding by fishery and industry stakeholders. We will cut through jargon to come to a shared understanding of the capabilities of AI. We will introduce participants to promising key advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision for fisheries.

Creating and evaluating better AI systems

Justin Kay
Co-founder and CTO, Ai.Fish
NSF PhD Fellow, MIT

This talk will explore what goes into creating “accurate” AI systems. Concepts will include: the importance of high-quality data, and common pitfalls in dataset creation; a breakdown beyond “accuracy” of important statistical metrics such as precision and recall, and the uses and tradeoffs of these; and how changing conditions lead to changing data distributions that cause AI systems to break down in the real world. We will build upon what we've learned about high-quality datasets and evaluation metrics to discuss prevention strategies.

Emerging opportunities

This series of talks will present an exciting overview of emerging applications of AI in fisheries.
We are pleased to welcome the following speakers:

Vessel Viewer: Vessel analytics to support due diligence and risk assessments

Huw Thomas
Global Fishing Watch

iCatch: Smart species identification technology using AI and genomics

Nadya Mamoozadeh, PhD
Co-founder, iCatch
Postdoctoral Researcher, MSU

Spearheading AI/ML adoption for promoting fair labor and sustainable fishing practices

Farid Maruf

Tally: A product suite for seafood processing and traceability

Eric Enno Tamm
Co-founder and CEO, This.Fish

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